Since PEB’s are fundamentally type of standard areas and associations, the outline time has been altogether diminished. A specific PC investigation and configuration program streamlines material prerequisite. Drafting’s are additionally mechanized which utilizing standard subtle elements that limits venture custom points of interest. The low-weight adaptable edges offer higher protection from seismic powers.

Lower Cost:

Because of the frameworks approach, there is a critical sparing in configuration, assembling and site erection cost. The auxiliary components are molded to take after the pressure chart of the part, in this way lessening weight, cost and load to establishments. The optional individuals and cladding home together decreasing transportation cost. The general cost per square meter might be diminished as much as 30% lower than traditional steel.


PEB are around 30% lighter than the traditional steel structures. Subsequently, the establishments are of straightforward plan, simple to develop and lighter weights.


Since every one of the associations of the diverse parts are standard, the erection time is speedier than the ordinary time.

Adaptability of Expansion:

Structures can be effortlessly extended long by including extra bayous. Likewise, extension in width and stature is conceivable by pre-outlining for future development.

Huge Clear Spans:

Structures can be provided to around 90M clear traverses.

Quality Control:

As structures are being produced totally in the manufacturing plant under controlled conditions, the quality is guaranteed.

Low Maintenance:

Structures are being provided with superb paint frameworks for cladding and steel to suit surrounding conditions at site, which brings about long strength and low upkeep costs.

Vitality Efficient Roof and Wall Systems:

Structures can be provided with polyurethane protected boards or fiberglass cover protection to accomplish required ‘U’ values.

Engineering Versatility:

Structures can be provided with different kinds of sashes, shelters, and bended overhang and intended to get pre-thrown solid divider boards, window ornament dividers, square dividers and other divider frameworks.

Single Source Responsibility:

As the entire building bundle is provided by a solitary merchant similarity of all the building parts and adornments is guaranteed. This is one of the real advantages of the PEB frameworks.